Key facilities


Devaswom has provided parking facility on the East Nada and South Nada for the convenience of the devotees. The compound in front of the Kousthubham Rest House is given for parking at a nominal rate at East Nada. On the South Nada, the parking area of the Pay and Use toilet near the Panchajanyam Rest House is also provided for parking of vehicles.

Comfort Station

On the eastern side of the temple tank there is a comfort station which is functioning round the clock here. Pilgrims who arrive at odd hours and those who do not find or require immediate lodging/accommodation, can keep their luggage at a nominal fee.They can use the lavatories and bathrooms. Also there are lavatories on the north and south corners away from the Eastern Gopuram and  Pay and Use Toilets at South Nada near Panchajanyam Rest House for the use of pilgrims. Special facilities for keeping the foot-wear and other articles are provided near the east and west side of the temple.

Medical Facilities

Devaswom has a medical center and an Ayurvedic hospital providing free checkup (except laboratory) and medicine.

Medical Centre

There is a medical centre located in the South Nada, hardly 200 metres from the Temple. Regular outpattient wing works in morning hours, besides 24 hour casuality serivice. Basic and essential medical care is provided free of cost against a nominal fee of 10/- valid for one month. There are 75 beds in inpatient section with separate male and female wards and few pay ward rooms. Essential medicines are stored and distributed free to outpatients and inpatients from Pharmacy. All routine investigations are done in the Laboratory. Computerised X-ray is available and only nominal charge is lieved for same ECG is available and rates are minimal. There are two Ambulances for patient benefit. Free food is provided to destitute patients admitted in this hospital. This is made available from hospital canteen. Doctors:- Besides speciality clinics in Pediatrics,ENT,Dermatology, General Medicine etc. many snior faculty provide free consultation in fields like Neurology,Cardiology,Nephrology,Orthopedics,Ophthalmology,Audiology,Gastroenterology,Diabetology,Denstry etc. There are 4 doctors in regular service and RMOs provide 24 hour casuality service. Nearly 70,000 patients attended outpatient section in 2014. Immense scope exists for a full fledged teritary care hospital in Guruvayur under the prestigious Guruvayur Devaswom Servicer to humanity is the ulterior motive of this hospital.


1. Dr.V.J.Jathavedan ENT Specialist
2. Dr.M.V.Madhu Dermatologist
3. Dr.K.Usha RMO
4. Dr.C.Sanitha RMO


1. Dr.U.G.Namboodiri
2. Dr.R.S.Kulkarni
3. Dr.Ramachandran
4. Dr.P.Raman


1.Dr.A.K.Asokan ENT Specialist
2.Dr.Gopinath Physician
3.Dr.Bhaskaran Nair Orthopedic Surgeon
4.Dr.Ram Manohar Neurologist
5.Dr.Vindyachandran Nair Gastroenterologist
6.Dr.Lakshmi Dermatologist
7.Dr.Haridas Physician & Diabetologist
8.Dr.Mohanan Nair General Consultant
9.Dr.Suneethy Ophthalmologist
10.Dr.Vinod P Baburaj Nephrologist
11.Dr.Jayasree Nambiar Cardiologist
12.Dr.Mukundan Cardiologist
13.Dr.Chandrika Sankar General Consultant
14.Dr.Deepak Venugopal Orthodontist
15.Dr.Subhash Madhavan Dental Sugeon

Prof.Sreedharan Audiologist & Speech Pathologist

Ayurvedic Hospital

The Ayurvedic Hospital near the KSRTC Bus stand named after Shri.Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri. (Melpathur Memorial Ayurvedic Hospital) gives free treatment.

The Devaswom spends about Rs.30 lakhs for the medicines every year apart from other expenses.


Devaswom is conducting free Prasada Oottu in ANNALAKSHMI HALL oustside the temple for the devotees every day. It starts at 10.30 am in the morning. Two canteens are functioning in the Ruest houses - Kousthubham and Panchajanyam.