Guruvayur satyagraham

The famous Guruvayur Satyagraham was started by the Gandhians in 1934, led by Late Shri. K Kelappan. They advocated the need for throwing open the temple for worship by all Hindus including the Dalits on an equal footing.

It was the platform near Manjulal where they started the struggle. This gave national attraction to Guruvayur temple. In the early thirties as a second stage of their campaigns, Shri. Kelappan started a fast un-to death. Late Shri. A K Gopalan, was the volunteer captain of the movement. But soon Mahatma Gandhi intervened and the fast was called off. The temple remained closed for 12 days and poojas were suspended. It took another 15 years for the objectives of the movement to be realised and the right to temple entry declared.

An impressive obelisk was erected right at the center of the Devaswom Satram to commemorate the Satyagraham of 1931. The plaque on the obelisk carries a tribute to the memory of this great historical event and a homage to its hero, Sri. K. Kelappan.