Library & Reading room

Devaswom has a well-equipped religious library with a wide range of books on religion, philosophy, art and culture. There are hundreds of rare palm-leaf manuscripts in the reference section. A wide variety of journals and most of the leading newspapers are available in the reading room attached to the library. The library is functioning in the Vyjayanthi building located infront of Temple. It functions on all days except Sundays from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Location of Library

Guruvayr Devaswom Religious Library was first established in one of the rooms near Indian Coffee House during Zamorin's rule.Library formed in 1945 & Variyath Kuttirama Menon was the First honarary Librarian.Then Sri. C.G Nair who is an active member in socio religious activities of Guruvayur became the Librarian.During 1950,s HinduMatha sammelanam was conducted and books were published by Guruvayur Devaswom including speeches and Presentations and were kept in Guruvayur Devaswom Religious Library.Later on, in 1975 Library was shifted to East Block of Sathrom Complex and Puthur Unnikrishnan who was a Novelist and GDMC member has changed the pattern and face of Library.Now Library is functioning in spacious hall of Vyjayanthy Building & inauguration was on 26-9-2014. Now we have a wide Reading Room, Reference section and General Library for members.We have 1000's and more members as outside members & 700 's of staff members.Many are coming for Research, students coming for Reference and so on.Not only religious books, but wide range of books on Science, Biography, Culture, Literature,Drama,Short Story,Philosophy,Art, History, Geography and Fiction both in English and Malayalam Literature are also available. There is a wide collection of Poetry in Malayalam and Children’s Literature. Books in Sanskrit and Hindi,Tamil,Telungu are also available

Reading Room and Issue and Return of Books to Library Members

15 leading newspapers both in English and Malayalam are available in reading room. Besides these, 15 leading weeklies,6 Biweeklis and 18 monthly publications are also available. Both outsiders and Devaswom staff members have membership in the library. Collection of books comes up to 22000. Many college and school going students and Scholars use the reference section for their project preparation. Second stage of Computerisation aims at Digitalisation of important books, Thaliyolas which are out of print and valuable to Guruvayur Temple and Devaswom. Every year we are purchasing books for nearly one Lakh Rupees & now the Library stock comes up to 22000.

Milestones of Library 2013-14

1.Inauguration of First stage of Computerisation done on 23-7-2014
2.Pustakadinacharanam conducted on 23-4-2014 together with Puthur Unnikrishnan Anusmaranam(Former Librarian Of Guruvayur Devaswom Library.)
3.Vayana dinacharanam conducted on 19-6-2014 in Melputhur Auditorium with samadaranam, Pradarsanam of old News paper collections, rare pictures related to Guruvayur Temple.
4.Ramayana masacharanam conducted for one month from 17-7-2014 (Karkidakom 1-31) with exhibition of different Ramayanas & associated books & Pictures .Quiz competition on Ramayana among staff & Library Members had been conducted & Certificates distributed for best performers.
5.Guruvayur Devaswom Religious Library shifted to New place in Vyjayanthi building and Inauguration done by Smt.M.S.Jaya Dist.Collector In charge of Administrator & Managing Committee members on 26-9-2014
6.Malayala Sreshta Bhasha Varacharanam coducted in the name of 'Bhashanjali' for one week from 1-11-2014 to 7-11-2014.Quiz competition was conducted among children of near by schools and prizes were distributed among the winners.