Villwamangalam was Prince Manavedan's spiritual mentor. Villwamangalam is the name of the illam in which the saint was born. He settled in Parur near Aluva. Like his ancestor, he also joined the order of the Thekkemadam at Thrissur. He was also a peripatetic religious traveler and had also the blessed gift of seeing the Lord in person as distinguished from the idol. There is hardly no temple in Kerala that has not coined some story associating with his name. Almost every one of them reflects his divine insight and special equations with the presiding deity.

He spotted Lord at many places like in Vadakkunnathan's temple in Thrissur, Vaikom during the Ashtami festival. Ettumanoor temple was built to mark the sighting of Shiva. He sighted seven Bhagavathis near Cherthala and installed them in separate shrines of their own. Tiruvarpu Krishna temple has the story of his finding an the idol from muddy backwaters. He saw the image of Ananthasayi in the jungle near Trivandrum and as directed by him, the Raja of Travancore built a shrine to house it. This shrine is today known as Shri Padmanabha Temple. He stayed at Ambalapuzha and chief Brahmin become his disciple. At last he arrived at Guruvayur where prince Manavedan become his disciple.