Chembai Sangeethotsavam Online Registration and Inviting of applications has started for the year 2021... Please register and sign in for submitting the application. Please note uploading of vaccination certificate is not mandatory. Applicants with age above 10 also can apply.
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AVATHARAM For a birth of a child 3,000
KALIYA MARDHANAM  To Remove the effect of poison 3,000
RASAKREEDA  For the well being of unmarried girls, to end disputes between couples 3,000
KAMSAVADHAM To remove enemies 3,000
SWAYAM VARAM For a happy matrimony 3,000
BANAYUDHAM For the fulfillment of vows 3,000
VIVIDHAVADHAM To eliminate poverty and increase yield from farms 3,000
SWARGAROHANAM For salvation of a departed soul-(Those who wish to book Swargarohanam should book avatharam also) 3,300
HOLIDAYS There is no performance on Tuesdays and during off-season (between June and September).
HOW TO BOOK The krishnanattam tickets only be issued through Advance counter. The 
ticket should be booked in one day advance. For more information contact temple advance
counter 0487 2556335 extn 107.
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Not Mandatory. The play will start at 10.30 pm
REPORTING PLACE Inside Temple 10.30 pm.